Our Story Down

Your goal is to get licensed.
Our goal is to help you achieve that!

Hi. We’re CLARE. A dedicated group of good humans with a single objective: to help you tackle and pass the ARE. Together we have 25+ years of experience in all things ARE–each of us bringing our own unique expertise to the team. We’re working for you—developing an integrative study system, providing support, one-on-one guidance, and bringing clarity to a chaotic, confusing process—so you can get passed this while maintaining a healthy perspective.

Our Story


Necessity—The Mother of Invention

Here at CLARE we have ARE roots dating back nearly three decades when a Sci-Arc graduate was studying for the ARE. Out of necessity, she created her own ARE study system, which became Archiflash (a name that would inspire the plethora of Archi-this and Archi-that exist today), an innovative study tool she developed and sold through the company NALSA. Little did she know that Archiflash would help generations of candidates pass the ARE.


Let's Get Digital

NCARB’s ARE goes digital and so does Archiflash–launching a mobile and desktop app and the ability to add and edit information on the fly. Archiflash was in more candidates’ hands than ever before.


It Was Getting Graphic

After a long partnership with Professor Norman Dorf, the ARE 3 & 4 graphic vignettes guru, NALSA was honored to continue his legacy and create a comprehensive Graphic Vignette tool kit. We were part of the team to capture Prof. Dorf’s lectures and produce the Insight video series, update the Solutions Book, Archiflash, and more. 


A New ARE was in the Works

4.0 study materials wouldn’t suffice for NCARB’s ARE 5.0 candidates. 25 years had passed since the founder of Archiflash and NALSA revolutionized studying for the ARE, and the massive undertaking that lay ahead gave her pause; ultimately, NALSA came to a close along with ARE 4.0

Fortunately, as part of the team, some of us were up for the challenge of building upon past success and developing new ARE 5.0 solutions to help you pass NCARB’s Architect Registration Exam.


New Era—New Team—It's CLARE

We recognized that studying for NCARB’s ARE 5.0 was going to be far more challenging than prior versions. It would require a new approach and an awesome team of knowledgable, experienced, dedicated humans—collectively known as CLARE. We rolled up our sleeves and designed a unique system from the ground up, modeled on the theory of integrative learning. A method that helps you bridge connections between concepts, ideas, academic knowledge, and practical experience—à la ARE 5.0.


It's all about You!

The ARE is All We Do! And we’ll continue working for you as long as we’re making a difference by helping you and fellow candidates pass NCARB’s ARE and get licensed. We take our responsibility seriously and know there is always more to research, write, edit and clarify, new methods of learning to introduce, and technology to make it all run seamlessly.  We work collaboratively as a team, which includes you. So please let us know what you need and what you think. Your contributions are critical to our mission—helping you achieve your goal—to get licensed!


NCARB's Looking forward, CLARE's planning ahead.

…to be continued.

It’s your turn!

(Ready to get serious?)