Changing the way you study can make the difference between pass or fail.

Are you studying the same stuff and taking practice test after practice test and getting the same results? That’s why we developed CLARE from the ground up, using an integrative learning method to help you connect concepts, ideas, academic knowledge, and practical experience—all necessary to pass ARE 5.0. And with our one-on-one guidance to help you gain clarity on all things ARE, you may finally get the results you’re expecting.

CLARE Features Down


Everything at your fingertips

Your home base for all things ARE. The content you need, all in one place, easily accessible everywhere.

Study Plan

Where the magic happens

  • Follow the study plan for each division
  • Division specific glossary, gallery, notebook, and topic decks
  • Keep track of your test dates
  • Track your study time and progress
  • Check off divisions you’ve passed

Archiflash Study Cards

They're like supercards

  • Take notes
  • View definitions, images, and videos
  • Additional supporting information and helpful links
  • Study by topic
  • Flag cards to review later
  • Hide cards you’ve learned
  • Search and shuffle
  • Study back-to-front


Concise and to the point

  • Audio feature so you can listen on the go
  • Searchable, exam specific articles
  • Take notes and highlight key information 
  • Notes and highlights are automatically added to your notebook
  • View glossary definitions and related images


Thousands of terms at your fingertips

  • Searchable terms
  • Study by division, or as a complete glossary
  • Study glossary as study cards
  • Terms with associated images
  • Access definitions while studying cards, articles, etc


Hundreds of images for visual learners

  • Photos, drawings, diagrams, videos, animations
  • Study the gallery as study cards
  • Access related images from study cards
  • If you’re still reading bullet points, thank you!


Everything in one place, organized

  • Personal, searchable notebook
  • Automatically loads and organizes all your notes and highlighted text
  • Edit and add additional notes directly into your notebook
  • Quick links to the original source of notes and highlights
  • Add photos, charts, and diagrams
  • Link outside resources

Individualized Coaching

The content you need + the guidance you want

  • Schedule a Phone Call or Zoom session
  • Time and attention from an ARE Expert
  • Work collaboratively with our team on a custom exam approach
  • We’ll help you get motivated and ease that exam anxiety

It’s your turn!

(Ready to get serious?)