ARE Exam Prep That Hugs Back

CLARE is your game-changing ARE 5.0 study system — an all-in-one integrated approach using active study methods proven to help you learn, understand, retain, and connect the web of overlapping ARE 5.0 content — Along with 1-on-1 coaching, guidance and ARE exam strategies from an empathetic group of ARE experts, ready to help in any way you need it.

CLARE Features Down

The Dashboard

Your home base for all things ARE

The content you need, all in one place, easily accessible everywhere. From the dashboard, you can study all divisions, quickly access the entire gallery, glossary, and all your notebooks, and study by topic across all divisions. You can schedule a one-on-one meeting, chat with us and check out our latest blog post. At a glance, you can view your upcoming test dates, track your division progress, and mark divisions as passed. 

The Study Plan

Your Personal Roadmap to Exam Success

  • Easy to Follow organized study plan for each division
  • Quick access to all division content: articles, study cards, glossary, gallery, notebook, and topic decks
  • Keep track of where you left off
  • Track your study time, progress, and test dates
  • Check off items as you master them
  • Mark divisions you’ve passed

Archiflash® Study Cards

A Rock-Solid Pillar of ARE Success for 30 years

  • ARE specific content presented in various formats mini-scenario
  • Reinforces and expands on article content
  • Written as question, answer, explanation
  • Access the glossary for words used on each card
  • View corresponding images and videos
  • View additional supporting information and contract language
  • Study by topic
  • Flag cards to review later
  • Hide cards you’ve learned
  • Search for a word, phrase, or specific card
  • Shuffle the cards to avoid memorization by association
  • Study back-to-front to improve learning
  • Take notes on a card to review in your notebook

The Articles

Clear Concise and Targeted

  • Learn ARE specific information in original articles
  • Listen to articles read by real humans
  • Access glossary definitions of words used throughout an article
  • View corresponding images and videos
  • View supporting information and contract-specific language
  • Search within articles
  • Take notes and highlight key information as you read or listen
  • Notes/highlights automatically saved to your notebook

The Glossary

Thousands of terms at your fingertips

  • Review, learn, and clarify specific terms 
  • Review the glossary in study card format
  • View the full glossary or division specific via the study plan
  • Associated images and videos when applicable
  • Searchable Glossary

The Gallery

Visual Learning

  • Gallery of hundreds of images for visual learning
  • Photos, drawings, diagrams, videos, animations
  • Images with titles and descriptions
  • Zoom in for a closer look
  • Review the gallery in study card format
  • View the full gallery or division specific via the study plan
  • Searchable Glossary

The Notebook

Organized, Expandable, Searchable

  • Your personal, searchable notebook always organized by division and section 
  • Notes and highlighted text are automatically saved and organized
  • Easily view the specific article or card related to your notes and highlights
  • Add any additional notes directly into your notebook
  • Easily edit your notes
  • Upload your own photos, charts, and diagrams
  • Link outside resources
  • Review and expand on specific topics
  • Perfect for last-minute review
  • Always accessible, never gets lost

Individualized Coaching

The content you need + the guidance you want

  • Schedule a Phone Call or Zoom session
  • Time and attention from an ARE Expert
  • Work collaboratively with our team on a custom exam approach
  • We’ll help you get motivated and ease that exam anxiety



The short answer is no, and here’s why: 

There are many third-party practice tests out there, but only NCARB provides true practice tests, which you should definitely use. Third-party practice tests are question and answer, dressed up in a test-like format. The benefit comes if they provide clear and accurate explanations, which is what makes them a learning and recall tool. 

At CLARE, we use a different approach to help you learn, understand and synthesize information. If you are studying to pass the ARE, you are in the right place. If you’re just looking for “practice tests,” you won’t find them here. We’ve written quite a bit about practice tests on our blog; we invite you to check them out.

It’s your turn!

(Ready to get serious?)