CLARE Features Down


Your home base

  • Access the study plan for each division
  • Access the complete glossary, gallery, notebooks, and all topic decks
  • Chat with CLARE online or schedule a phone session
  • Check out the latest blog post

Study Plan

Where the magic happens

  • Follow the study plan for each division
  • Access all of your study tools
  • Division specific glossary, gallery, notebook, and topic decks
  • Keep track of your test dates
  • Track your time and progress
  • Check off divisions you’ve passed
- Chad

Archiflash Study Cards

They're like supercards

  • Take notes
  • View glossary definitions
  • View related images and videos
  • See additional supporting information and helpful links
  • Study by topic
  • Flag cards to review later
  • Hide cards you’ve learned
  • Search and shuffle
  • Study back-to-front
  • Saves your place, pick up where you left off


Just the good stuff

  • Audio feature so you can listen on the go
  • Searchable, exam specific articles
  • Concise and to the point
  • Take notes and highlight key information 
  • Notes and highlights are automatically added to your notebook
  • View glossary definitions and related images
- Mr. Burns
- Ted
- Wayne


Thousands of terms at your fingertips

  • Searchable terms
  • Study by division, or as a complete glossary
  • Study glossary as study cards
  • Terms with associated images
  • Access definitions while studying cards, articles, etc


Hundreds of images for visual learners

  • Photos, drawings, diagrams, videos, animations
  • Study the gallery as study cards
  • Access related images from study cards
  • If you’re still reading bullet points, thank you!
"Peace and love."
- Ringo


Everything in one place, organized

  • Personal, searchable notebook
  • Automatically loads and organizes all your notes and highlighted text
  • Edit and add additional notes directly into your notebook
  • Quick links to the original source of notes and highlights
  • Add photos, charts, and diagrams
  • Link outside resources

It’s your turn!

(Ready to get serious?)