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I started studying September 2020 with the intent to pass all 6 exams within the next year. When looking into what system(s) to use I was intrigued that CLARE had everything in one location and I was able to access it from my iPad instead of having to carry around multiple study materials. With a wife and kids, it was hard trying to make time to study so I had to be as efficient as possible and not waste study time going and looking for items to buy or download. I travel a lot for work so the ease of being able to open my iPad in the airport terminal or hotel lobby and get a couple of hours of studying in was key in helping pick what study material to use. Of the 6 tests, I only had to retake one. With as busy as my work and home calendars were I first had to go thru and schedule all my test dates for the year then go back and schedule everything else around those. This was key in forcing me to study and having the option to include those dates in the CLARE app made it easy to track how my study habits were going. I would recommend CLARE to anyone not knowing how or where to get started, they have it all figured out and right at your fingertips. Now all you have left to do is schedule your tests…

— A. Stevens, Oklahoma City


CLARE helped me finish my exams in half the time I originally set for myself. This was a huge accomplishment, especially after numerous fails using competitor's study material (which was also quite costly). I found I was trying to memorize rather than understand concepts, and I realized I needed to find some new study material that could help me internalize concepts & CLARE did just that. It provided a concise selection of study material at an affordable price point. I particularly found the construction photo flashcards for CE helpful, especially because I did not have a lot of professional experience with construction & identifying various conditions on site. Even for the other divisions, CLARE included a lot of helpful resources & articles that I did not think about referencing but that actually made all the difference for me between a pass & a fail. Interestingly, CLARE did not pop up for me as a resource on google, nor had I heard anyone else use it, but I definitely think more people should know about it because it's great!

— S. Chipimo, Pennsylvania


CLARE study cards are a great resource and they were instrumental in my passing PPD and PDD. They allowed me to review many concepts quickly, concisely and with ease. It is a perfect solution for those that either do not have the time or the patience to physically make their own flashcards. Their graphics and images help to cement concepts with visual cues. Their explanations are comprehensive and clear. I also love the flexibility with which you can review the material whether it be by exam division or by specific subject. I highly recommend adding this to your study repertoire!

— J. Gonzalez, New York


Overall I love the simplicity and clearness of the material. I feel I am conceptually understanding key items, rather than being overwhelmed with detail and missing the fundamental differences between charts, contracts, and methods. Oh and the humor added into the app, along with the great color pallet and UX are an added bonus that doesn't go unnoticed! Thank you!

— A. Bartholomew, New Jersey


I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far and I really like the concept of learning with flashcards and the complementary features like additional info, glossary, and images to reinforce the concepts your learning, which is something I've found lacking in other study materials, so I'm excited to get started, but keep up the good work! :)

— J. Bradshaw, Nevada


Yes, seriously! Web-based is the way to go. Other study sources take forever to correct things. Us candidates also appreciate it getting fixed quickly, so we can continue to study these! I'm glad I could help!

— M. Matthews, New Mexico


Yes, your content have helped me tremendously with passing PDD. I would have to say that CLARE was a huge part of me passing this time around! Thank you so much! I never had the chance to try your other sections since I was only working on PDD when you launched. But I'm sure they are also great! I will definitely recommend!

— G. Penaredondo, Texas


CLARE has a library of information for the Pro Practice, and I like how it's organized on the dashboard. I particularly like how everything is in one place - you can pull open any contract doc at the click of a button. I like the glossary, and drawers, and the articles help to explain the information.

— J. Watts, New York


"Without the CLARE ARE app I don't think I would have made it through all of my exams. Having all of the study material centralized in one convenient location really gave me the motivation to work from section to section to get through everything that I needed to know! This app was worth every penny!"

— Z. Long, Oklahoma


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